Primare CD32 felsőkategóriás CD lejátszó

Primare CD32 felsőkategóriás CD lejátszó Katt rá a felnagyításhoz
771.750 Ft (607.677 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó: Primare
Primare CD32 felsőkategóriás CD lejátszó
Leírás és Paraméterek

Primare CD32 felsőkategóriás CD lejátszó


A CD32 a régebbi nagyon sikeres és elismert CD31 lejátszó továbbfejlesztett változata.

Minden része az elérhető legmagasabb audio minőség elérését célozza.

A zene szerelmeseinek egyre növekvő CD lemez gyűjteményéhez a CD32 biztosítja azt, hogy mindennél nagyobb hűséggel hallgathassa azok tartalmát. Az ezüst színű hordozók lejátszásán kívül az internetről letölthető MP3, és WMA fájlok lejátszására is képes akár lemezről, akár USB memóriáról. Bármely lejátszás médiát választja, a CD32 kivételes hangminőséget fog biztosítani.


CD32 | CD Players


The CD32 is the successor to and upgrade for the successful and acclaimed balanced CD31 CD player. Every component, from the CD transport to the audio output stage, has been designed to achieve the highest possible audio performance. For the many music lovers with large and growing CD collections, the CD32 will ensure that the silver disc continues to provide easy access to ever greater fidelity. Even so, the CD32 will also unlock the vast store of music available from the Internet, playing and controlling MP3 or WMA files via USB or disc. Whichever source you choose the CD32 will respond with exceptional sound according to the data available.


CD32 : Features



Mechanism: Asatech 8210.B01-02, Sanyo SF-P101N
D/A converter: 2x PCM1704, DF1706 (digital filter), 24/96 kHz
Analogue outputs discrete analogue output stage:
1 pair RCA, 2.1 Vrms;
1 pair XLR, 4.1 Vrms;
Output impedance: RCA 390 Ώ; XLR 47 Ώ
Digital outputs: 1x SPdif (RCA); 1x AES/EBU (XLR);
1x optical (TOS-link)
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20 kHz -0.5dB
  Signal to Noise: 20Hz – 20kHz unweighted -100dB
THD + N: 20Hz – 20kHz <0.01%
Other inputs: USB interface; IR input 3.5mm;
RS232; Trigger in/out 3.5mm
Power consumption: Standby 0.5W; Idle 22W; Operation 25W
Dimensions: (wxdxh) 430 x 375 x 106 mm
Weight: 10.5 kg
Colour options: Black or Titanium

CD32 : Reviews




CD32/I32 system in Music Emotion magazine (Holland) December 2010


“Primare is one of the relatively few brands that has a deep understanding of how important it is to be different and especially to stay different. It has a very strong character that manifests itself in these new models as a wonderful, almost irresistible combination of elegance, modesty, high-quality build and advanced yet easy operation. In the new I32 we have real evidence of the technical progression that drives Primare’s desire for change, for despite the recognisable Primare design signature outside, the design inside has clearly been transformed in comparison to its predecessor…the I32 is a totally modern amplifier with the tonal quality that is characteristically Primare in spite of the use of the modified D class technology. If anything that familiar rhythmic coherence and smoothness has been enhanced by a more grown-up and realistic representation of low level information and more powerful dynamics. In the end the I32 and CD32 have become devices through which everybody will find an involving music experience. They’ll make you smile with their user-friendliness and excellent quality at such a reasonable price.”


Please find original Dutch review and the English translation in CD32 downloads section.


CD32/I32 system in Audio-Video magazine (Poland) January 2011


"I had formed my opinion of the amplifier’s sound when I learnt that it works in Class D (but) what is interesting is that this, the first Class D amplifier from Primare, also features a sound quality that is unique to this company – a sense of analytical detachment, a feeling that it is presenting the sound in the most objective way…this creates a very interesting effect. You’re surprised by tiny musical resonances that were always present on the disk but now reproduced with honesty. Although at first this seems cold and impersonal, eventually it proves to be very complex and rich. What is perceived as lacking in emotion at the start becomes more engaging with every album played. It is the micro detail that is responsible for inspiring new tell you the truth I did not think that sound of this character could be so musical.”rimare 32 is a system that's not only pleasant on the eye. It also has a precise, clean, detailed and really musical sound. It is well worth to listen and recommended".


Please find original Polish review and the English translation in CD32 downloads section.


CD32/I32 system in Stereo magazine (Germany) March 2011


“Primare uses a high-efficiency Class D amplifier technology for the I32 known as "Ultra Fast Power Device ": UFPD in short. There is no question that you can produce high performance in this mode, and the Swedes prove it again. However, Class D amps must still defend themselves against the suspicion that they are only partially audiophile. With UFPD, Primare wants to circumvent all the pitfalls of standard Class D and provide the highest quality by realising stable gain and a high damping factor…particularly noticeable in the high performance of the I32 was the way that it handled B&W‘s 802 Diamond without a hint of trouble. It’s not a flashy sounding amplifier: despite all the speed and lithe playfulness, it does its job discreetly and inconspicuously, yet with real commitment. The Primare components are not only able to keep up with their peers, they’re at the head of the list and are a powerful statement from the Swedes. A genuine recommendation for Nordic design in sound.”


Please find full English translation of this review in CD32 downloads section.


CD32/I32 system in AudioVideo Magazine (Czech Republic) February 2011


“Power amplifiers operating in class D are often referred to as digital, but this is not completely true with reference to the nature of the analogue processed signal…the sound reproduction through this system is spectrally balanced with a deep velvety bass and a non-distorted treble. Spatial localisation is stable and clear. Playback of CDs with a sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz is concrete and "tight", and sounds quieter and more ‘open’ with increasing sampling frequency reproduction. The properties of the amplifier will force even an average loudspeaker into "brisker motion". The bass has adequate power with an unlimited dynamic range and solid contours for high-volume listening. Both Primare devices also afford excellent quality of reproduction.”


Please find full English translation of this review in CD32 downloads section


CD32/I32 system in Hi Fi Test Audio Video (Germany) February 2011


It is not easy to identify what I liked most about the Primare combination. Was it the unique design, the solid workmanship, the touch and feel of quality materials or the high-tech electronics with their excellent measured performance? In the end I think it was the sheer joy of playing the combination that exited me most. Performance, dynamics and precision without limits, coupled with open, honest timbres and a touch of individuality: just like a Swedish Turbo!


Please find full English translation of this review in CD32 downloads section


CD32/I32 system in Hi Fi Choice (UK) April 2011


"Close your eyes and you’re convinced that with just a couple of steps towards the speakers you’ll be in danger of impaling yourself on the end of a cello spike or copping a drumstick on the nose. Images are simply superb, immaculately spread out in all directions and utterly stable, fully vindicating the 80-year-old confidence trick that is stereo. It’s a finding we repeated over and over as we trawled through the widest selection of recordings, old and new, from jazz to rock to classical to unclassifiable. Cue up some operatic monster and the panoply of 200 players and singers is there before you: play the simplest voice and guitar ballad and the intimacy is immediate."


Please find full English translation of this review in CD32 downloads section


"If you have a high quality amplifier and loudspeakers, the CD32 will give you a more precise and richer high-end sound."  Hi Fi & Home Theatre Audio, Korea, March 2011.


Please find English translation in 'downloads'.


Performance and Potential


Primare's CD32 and I32 system has impressed Andrew Everard, the Audio Editor of the UK's revered classical music title Gramophone. In a two page eulogy in the May 2011 issue, he says of the CD32 that "Allied to impressive handling of both microdynamics and really big swings in level, it opens up even the most complex recording to expose its components, which will appeal as much to score followers as audiophiles."


Please view and download the complete review in the I32 download section.


Hi Fi Lessons


“With the I32 and CD32, Primare from Sweden is introducing a special combination at the cutting edge of technology, which addresses the performance needs of even the most demanding audiophile. The combination produces very high resolution, huge reserves of power, excellent tonal balance and graduation. But if you were to ask us which is the main protagonist of this test, we would tell you without hesitation that it is the CD32, which is a real bargain in this price level because it combines excellent build level, hypermodern aesthetic design and a sound which nails it in terms of resolution, transparency and speed in every musical style.” HXOS magazine, Greece


Please view and download the original Greek review in the CD32 download section.


CD 32 Highly Commended


In a group test of its peers the CD32 has achieved a ‘Highly Commended’ badge from Hi Fi News. This special status gong, the second to come Primare’s way from the magazine in as many months, joins an ‘Outstanding Product’ award for the I32. As the review states “needless to say Primare’s CD32 can be regarded the de facto choice for partnering with its eco-friendly I32 Class D amplifier that featured in last month’s group test. With their matching OLED displays (very classy) and common remote control handset the two components will make a lovely couple.” Of the CD32 itself the review concludes “you’d need to spend a small fortune on a very esoteric high end player to better it.”


Please view and download the review in the CD32 download section.


The sound from USB memory stick was excellent. The USB was loaded with MP3 music files, but the clarity and freshness of the sound was still very good. There was a slight reduction in the stereo image compared to lossless music files, which is down to the limitations of MP3, but it was noteworthy that the CD32 improved the sound of MP3 very much. In fact, sound reproduction through the USB connection is very convenient, and even though the compatibility of CODEC may matter in some cases, this feature makes CD32 far more flexible than competitors. The performance of the CD32's twin PCM174 DAC chips was fully satisfactory, and its sound good enough to compete even against high-end outboard DACs, The resolution of the CD32’s front display was also superb, and its readability was excellent compared to previous products. The chassis and the panels were very substantial, designed to combat resonances. All these features support the reputation of Primare for high quality construction. Multi-function CD Players like CD32 are very rare yet in the market, but the debut of CD32 will get a good response from many audiophiles. Hi Fi Choice Magazine, Korea, June 2011.


Please view and download the original review in the CD32 download section.


CD32/I32 Hi Fi Stars, Germany, November 2011


To the point, the Primare combo consisting of CD player CD32 and power amplifier I32 has what it takes for a true dream team. The Swedish manufacturer Primare shows that with regard to sound, ease of use, workmanship, design and sustainability (through the optional media module) a really fair price is possible.


Please download English translation of the review from the downloads section.


CD32, Hi-Fi i Muzyka, Poland, December 2011


"At the price the Primare has all virtues of good CD player: great sound stage, dynamics, accurate bass, neutrality and details. Can you ask for more? Yes, but not at this price point. This is a very, very good player with excellent build quality. You have to try it."


Please find the original review in the downloads section.


CD32/I32 Hifi Test , Germany, February 2013


Hi Fi Test announces Primare CD32/I32 as amongst the BEST HIFI PRODUCTS EVER.


With unique design, massive build quality, high quality materials and excellent measurements, combined with the great joy of playing this combo is a Swedish duet with turbo. The performance has dynamism and precision without limits.

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