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Cambridge Audio Topaz CD5 CD lejátszó

Cambridge Audio Topaz CD5 CD lejátszó Katt rá a felnagyításhoz
48.900 Ft (38.504 Ft + ÁFA)
Cambridge Audio Topaz CD5 CD lejátszó

Leírás és Paraméterek

Topaz CD5 CD Player


D/A konverter Wolfson Microelectronics
Filter 2-pole Butterworth filter
Támogatott lemez formátum: CD-DA/CD-R/CD-RW/CD-ROM
Frekvencia átvitel (+/-0.4dB) 20Hz - 20kHz
THD @ 1Khz 0dBFs <0.006%
THD @ 1Khz -10dBFs <0.015%
Jel-Zaj viszony >93dB
Crosstalk @1kHz <-95dB
Crosstalk @20kHz <-95dB
Kimenő ellenállás <50 Ohm
Max felvett áramfelvétel: 15W
Méreti 430 x 80 x 305mm
Tömege: 4.3Kg

Topaz CD5 CD Player

Set music to stun! Dazzling CD performance at an amazing price

Why buy a dedicated CD player these days when you can have DVD and Blu-ray playback "for free" too? Because nothing in life is free...

For such a great value CD player, we don't believe you get the best quality by adding in costly multi-channel chipsets and more platter spin speeds. Choose DVD and Blu-ray playback and you inevitably lose audio quality, with cheaper components elsewhere.

That's why Cambridge Audio's "Sound First" design principles maximise audio quality and minimise cost and clutter. So the Topaz CD5 does just one thing exceedingly well: getting every bit of music detail from your discs.

Only music reproduction matters - and this audiophile CD player opens up a whole new world of real hi-fi sound, thanks to its premium components. What's more, it's designed play MP3s and WMA files from CD too, giving you flexibility where you want it, without compromising quality.

Central to the CD5's performance is its high-quality Wolfson digital-to-analogue converter, which draws more detail out of every type of music. Add in other quality components, including a two-pole Butterworth filter to cut out noise smoothly, and you have a true music-lover's machine.

Our "Sound First" principles even apply to the casing. While most budget CD players hide a plastic case behind their metal fronts, our audio-obsessed design team insisted on an all-metal case to minimise vibration and maximise music purity.

You won't find another player at this price that extracts such stunning detail from your CDs.


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