NAD M15 HD2 Házimozi processzor Master széria

NAD M15 HD2 Házimozi processzor Master széria Katt rá a felnagyításhoz
1.499.989 Ft (1.181.094 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó: NAD
NAD M15 HD2 Házimozi processzor Master széria
Leírás és Paraméterek

NAD M15 HD2 Házimozi processzor Master széria

3D Capable, MDC-Equipped Preamplifier

M15 HD2 AV Surround Sound Preamplifier - Front

Finishes titanium Available finishes may be limited by location.

'Music First' Digital Audio

With full 24-bit 192kHz analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue conversion, our M15 HD2 will make the most of even the best available source material. In yet another uncommon approach, we have employed multiple 2-channel DACs in a dual differential mode, a configuration that yields superb sonic results. We have tailored our circuit design to deliver a level of technical precision and audio performance that could be considered perfect.

Award-Winning MDC Innovation

MDC is our uncommon answer to the ever-changing world of AV technology. With the ability to replace simple plug-in modules, MDC gives you peace-of-mind. You no longer have to be frustrated by technology obsolescence, because MDC allows you to upgrade to new features and technology without destroying your original AV investment. Recognized as one of the most important innovations in the past decade, MDC has also received the prestigious reddot design award.

Optimal Flexibility

Equipped with a rear panel IR remote input and outputs, programmable 12V triggers, and an RS-232 port, the M15 HD2 can easily integrate with many advanced home automation systems, such as AMX and Creston. A popular option for the M15 HD2 is our IPD 2 Dock for iPod so you can take advantage of your iPod's digital music library.

Stunning Video Performance

With a masterful level of video performance, the latest digital video technology, and full support for all 3D formats up to 1080p, the M15 HD2 will carry you into a new world of home theatre. With six HDMI inputs and two outputs, one simple connection decodes digital signals for a true HD display. All sources are output in their native resolution, so you can watch movies and videos in their purest and intended form! The M15 HD2 also fully supports the latest HDMI standards, including Audio Return Channel (ARC) and Consumer Electronic Control (CEC).

Smart Power

By using separate analogue and digital power supplies, the M15 HD2 can provide maximum audio performance. A high power switch mode for the digital and video section, and linear power supply for the ultra high-speed audio processing, provides the required high current and stable voltages to maintain audio precision. Analogue and Digital sections are kept completely separate for maximum sonic performance. Standby power consumption is also ultra-low at <0.5W.

Beauty AND Brains

The M15 HD2 offers the best 'brains' and processing power for the most advanced surround sound system. Everyday operation is simple and intuitive with multiple customizable settings, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your music and movies. Its simplicity is evident in the elegant industrial design that is fresh yet classic.

Customized Sound

The M15 HD2 supports all popular surround sound formats, including our exclusive EARS and the latest Dolby TrueHD and DTS-MA formats with excellent musical dynamics. In addition to Audyssey MultEQ Pro, you are presented with a user-friendly option for sound balancing and room correction. By using a supplied microphone and Audyssey MultEQ XT, you can finely tune the sound in a specific room for an optimal audio experience.

NAD iPhone A/V Remote App

NAD Remote app for AVRs A beautiful and intuitive user experience offering a fun and simple way to control and configure your NAD AV Receiver. Control, adjust and select basic functions including power, volume, source, and listening mode for all zones with a touch of your iOS device. Download it for free from the Apple iTunes App Store here.

The NAD Remote App can be used with or without the Ethernet port. The Ethernet port can only currently be found on the MV 15 installed card. If your A/V receiver doesn't have a Mv 15 installed, you can use a Global Cache device( WF2SL or IP2SL). This device will need to be installed between your r RS232 port and your network for proper connection.

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